About Us

Rise Products stands at the forefront of innovative building technology. With the construction industry and practices constantly evolving, our focus is to lead the industry while sustaining future growth through commercially viable building systems. We pride ourselves on promoting cost effective, highly efficient and environmentally friendly building products and processes which are available globally.

Our technology

Our first innovative building technology is RiseWall; a permanent stay in place (SIP) formwork system. RiseWall structural wall system can be adapted across multiple industries due to its robust nature, high fire resistance, speed of installation and its ability to construct buildings upto 60 stories high. Historical block work and Formwork systems  can be cumbersome and inadequate in comparison. Rise Products have identified these issues and implemented our technology, enabling RiseWall to be the alternative to historical systems.

R and D

Rise Products has invested years of research into the development of RiseWall permanent SIP system. We have and will continue to engage engineers, designers and reputable names in the building industry directly. RiseWall is a practical wall system that is light weight and agile allowing ease of distribution while its integrity remains unchanged, requiring only a basic skill level to fit.

Global Position

Our advanced manufacturing facility’s have the ability to manufacture and deliver over 200,000sqm/month. This enables Rise Products to meet high levels of supply and demand within the formwork industry globally. Logistically, from one of the 500 warehouses across 100 countries we have near limitless capacity and flexibility to distribute worldwide.

Rise Products is providing technology to the building industry, superseding historical systems with commercially viable and innovative products to enable a sustainable future.

Rise wall Is the future