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Commitment to innovation

Our team of Industry Professionals are dedicated to providing innovative solutions to the challenges within the evolving construction and development sector. 

Innovative Technology

Designed to keep up with the demands of the evolving industry.

Research and Development

Commitment to safety and industry compliance.

Global Presence

Providing access to our technology on a global scale. 

The Rise Products Story

Rise Products was founded on the experience of industry professionals needing a solution to the financial and logistical challenges facing an evolving construction industry. After recognising the need for a more effective formwork solution, our research and development team began consulting with industrial designers and chemists to develop a product that would solve these challenges without compromising on quality and compliance.

Once an initial prototype was made manufacturing of the PVC based Rise Wall Water Resistant product began in July 2017 with the first successful onsite installation completed later that year. Patents were then submitted and later approved worldwide in January 2018. Later that year in Aug 2018, further testing was completed where the first successful ISO fire test was completed (PVC). In November 2018 manufacturing began on Rise Wall Super Finish which just recently completed the same ISO fire test in June 2019 receiving a group 1 rating

Rise Products are now the world first manufacturer and distributor of the Rise Wall Series formwork solution. With a slowly growing global presence, our purpose is to improve the efficiency and reduce the environmental footprint of the construction industry with the adoption of our products across Australia and beyond.

With a dedication to innovation, we strive to continue to develop our products for the evolving and provide a high-quality service to our clients on a global scale.

“Rise Products is taking a 20th century technology into the 21st century.”

Tim Pope – CEO, Rise Products

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